Adam J Frampton FCCA

Pink Bamboo is about the Community, not just one person. That being said, given you have sought to discover more, here is a brief summary of Adam.

Business Growth Specialist ~ Mentor ~ Coach

Adam specialises in his work with businesses who want to grow. He challenges them; reconnecting them with their cultural and commercial vision; creating a clear and well defined path to that vision; ultimately giving them the freedom and growth they seek.

Adam is passionate in his work with the single most valuable asset in a business, its people. He has a deep understanding of cultural, commercial and business systems, holding a space for owners, teams and boards to safely explore new growth choices.

He has extensive experience as a qualified practicing accountant. He founded, grew and exited two professional service businesses in the UK.

“I enable businesses, and people in business, to BE more; helping them create different perspectives and choices; and giving them the confidence to grow.”

He is an expert in blending and moving fluidly between Mentoring, Consulting and Coaching; Adam is passionate about empowering small business owners to confidently grow their businesses. Creating freedom, choice and balance; developing a broad range of business systems to achieve growth.

"I understand the mind set of an entrepreneur and their business journey. Most of all, I LOVE what I do, it is such a privilege to witness the incredible transformations my clients and their businesses choose to make.”

Adam loves what he does, having spent his life seeking to discover his own place in the World and learning to understand how we, as human beings, ‘tick’. He stands for creating the right environment for people to discover and embrace the beauty of who they truly are.

It is what it is.
— Adam J Frampton

He is a qualified accountant, an expert in human behaviour, a certified eDISC coach and a business growth specialist.

personal passions

  • I do love a good curry
  • I regularly attend Crossfit, and love every gloriously tough second
  • I built a house in France, almost entirely by myself
  • I am more than a little fixated by the game of No Limit Holdem poker
  • I embrace my spiritual side
  • I love people and have an incredibly strong belief in the power of human potential
  • I love telling dad jokes, which dad doesn't?
  • Mostly, I love my family, being a parent is the greatest gift

Advice (If you want some)

Life is beautiful, amazing and incredibly enriching. Live every day to the fullest.

Work hard at your relationships. Through ups and downs, mistakes and misjudgements, I pride myself on my relationship with my family and myself (and yes, BOTH are important).

They say, you can choose your friends but not your family. Not a problem with my family, because Michelle (my wife), Jordan and Emily (my children) are both family AND friends.

Listen and be present to what is truly around you, because what you see in the world is just as much true for you as it is the World.