Sometimes life gets hard...

I am a strong advocate of asking for help, this is a key foundation stone of why I am in business.

I created Pink Bamboo with the sole aim of supporting business owners to get exactly what they want from their business. I do this by providing a support mechanism (through consulting, mentoring and coaching) to give them a sounding board and to create the right plan to grow their business towards their vision.

Something which most consultants fail to realise is that they also need help and support to grow their own businesses. I have always had at least one coach and/or mentor to support my business and life journey.

Without exception, my mentors and coaches have given me advice and wisdom to break through my own barriers and my own blockages to become the success I am today.

I encourage people to find and engage mentors and coaches to support their growth because no-one is ever perfect and sometimes knowing what to do next is the simplest AND hardest thing all at once. After all, we don't know, what we don't know, right?

So, here's my issue and why I chose to write this blog post (after a long hiatus - ooops).

I have been through a tough time of late, business slowed down and I found myself at a crossroads in my life. I kept pushing on, like we do in business.

I tried to vary things, to make new product, to approach my marketing differently, to engage in different conversations with different people constantly varying my messaging...

Yet everything was inexplicably slowing down!

Sometimes this is because life is preparing us for something new, something bigger. Sometimes it's because we have unresolved things which need dealing with.

Either way, just because I am really good at working with business owners and people to break through their own barriers and blockages, it does NOT mean I am the right person to deal with my own stuff.

I engaged a mentor. Then I engaged a coach. Then I engaged another mentor. Each of whom is helping me with a different area of my life and business.

I needed to get some real perspective and some support to help me rise above the noise and move up again to the next level.

Now, things are changing, they are starting to come back into line and growing once more. I have spent my life seeking to grow and develop, either in business or personally. And I can honestly say I am like a caged tiger when this growth is held back!

I have a number of business and personal interests which are now progressing forwards apace, life feels good once again.

So, what are the learnings from this exercise I ask myself...

  • Get a coach - that extra perspective is often life-changing
  • Ask for help - it's not always easy, but it is critical
  • Your investment in this type of support will repay you for a lifetime, over and over again

Importantly, when you engage someone to support you, ask them a couple of simple questions:

  • What was the last mistake you made in business?
  • How many coaches or mentors do you have?

Because I would rather work with someone who has made the mistakes (I have made some doozies) and someone who doesn't have such a big ego that they always know best!

I admit openly, that I am not perfect and I have messed's just I don't have the ego to stop learning from my mistakes, which is what makes me a brilliant coach and mentor.

“A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” ~ Franklin D Roosevelt