The Power of Vision and Purpose

Earlier this month, during a coaching session with a client, I was again reminded of the power of Vision and Purpose.

During the session with the client team, a space was created to allow them to discover and settle upon their Vision.

The director and the team had a series of beautiful moments of clarity. Each moment clearer than the last.

At each stage I wrote the next evolution of their Vision on the whiteboard. At each stage the layers of mist cleared for them.

Creating space for them to move naturally towards their Vision. The words flowed, the energy was palpable and their connection to source was utterly inspirational.

Then, as if like a bolt of lightning, the words came. It came from each of them almost in synchronisation. A unity of real depth emerged.

Allowing time for the words to settle and the energy to circulate, I wrote their Vision statement on the board in clear, bold letters. Slowly writing the words, was like unwrapping a gift on Christmas morning or watching the sun slowly rise to welcome an amazing new day.

The air was electric, the silence deafening.

Time slowed, so I waited….and waited….

Then, the excited chatter from the team began. Piecing together the loose ends, building, from that moment of intense clarity, a new and vibrant future.

They connected, to each other and to their combined Vision.

Deeper than that, they also discovered a profound connection with their combined Purpose.

It is easy to assume that this process is 'fluffy' or 'tree huggy', yet they emerged from the session with utter clarity of How they need to move forwards into growth. Also, and most importantly, WHY.

I consider myself privileged to do what I do. To be witness to such power, beauty and deep connection.


“The only thing worse than being blind, is having sight but no vision.”
— Helen Keller