Where is the silver bullet?

There is no silver bullet. 

The answer to the question then, is, nowhere.

That was easy. A little too easy!

But, hang on a minute…

If there is no silver bullet, why do business people the world over keep trying to find one?

Why does it not stop advisors the world over selling silver bullet solutions?

Because people want a quick fix and advisors want to sell product. Which is not necessarily a bad thing, sometimes these silver bullets add value.

People want a quick fix...

Being a business owner myself, I get that it is sometimes tough running a business. I get that life could be easier and I also get that there may be a better way of ‘doing’ business for you and me. Often, though, quick fixes only serve to mask other problems.

People are all unique, running businesses, of which there are many, which are all unique and are all in a different phases of business growth. In locations, which are diverse, selling to customers, who are all individual, products and services, of which there are millions. You get the picture.

So, I don’t get why people insist on looking for a single, easy, cookie-cutter solution. They are pretty much doomed to failure, from the outset.

We are unique and so are our businesses


There are thousands of brilliant business tools and solutions which exist. Many of them are repackaged versions of previous tools and solutions, which doesn’t diminish their value of course. Some break through into new areas of thought and understanding as we learn new things and make new discoveries.

Yet, almost all of them do the same core thing. They allow us to view the problem through a different lens. They give us a perspective on the problem which may differ from the one we already have. They give us space to make a different choice or to understand the true nature of our problem better.

So, we start to see that it is less about the answer and more about how we look at the problem!

Look at your problem differently

The tools and frameworks I use help people observe their situation from a different point of view. What I use, and the way I use them, give people a level of awareness and understanding which assist them in making more effective choices.

It’s not about fixating on the tool itself, it’s about building an answer for that business. It’s not about what’s wrong and what’s right, it’s about helping a business owner develop an individual solution to their unique problem. The tools merely help us to gain a better understanding of the problem.

My struggle with sales conversion


In the early days of growing my accountancy practice I struggled with selling, getting new clients. I searched for a quick fix, sales gurus with ‘x’ step solutions to my problems, books with ‘x’ phases to convert, etc, etc.

My problem, was converting prospects into clients. Of course, this didn’t simply go away by using a new shiny tool!

It certainly helped, but it was no ‘silver bullet’!

The problem sat somewhere deeper and it wasn’t being unearthed by these quick fixes. Then one day, I was speaking with a friend about my woes (by then I had spent thousands on magic pills and solutions!), he outlined a simple tool to look at the problem.

He described ‘What, How, Why’ – What do people buy, How do they buy and Why do they buy.

He described it, not as THE answer. He shared it so I could view the problem I had with sales conversion, from a different point of view.

Using the tool as a lens, I was better able to reflect on my blockers and create powerful new choices. I doubled my sales conversion rates, within a couple of months. Happy days.

I used the tool as a lens, not the solution

So, the next time you start searching for the next silver bullet, consider that you are likely to be better off by firstly looking at your problem differently. Find someone to guide you to use tools as a lens, rather than as the answer itself.

Business lens

In finding your answer - stop, breathe, look at your problem differently. Then develop a solution to your problem from what you find, getting help if you need to. This will result in a powerful and sustainable solution. Don't waste money on the next quick fix.

How much money have you wasted on silver bullets?