BNI Sunshine Coast - Workshop #2 - "The 5 Keys To Attract Your Ideal Customer"

Understand your Market Identity (Brand)

'The 5 keys to attract your ideal customer'

  • Do you want more of your ideal customers?

You know the ones, they pay on time, love the work you do, are fun to work with and refer you to other people!

  • Are you fed up of your ‘less than ideal’ customers?

They take up all your time complaining and asking questions, leave you waiting for payment, always question your prices, you dread every time their number comes up on your phone!

  • Do you want more income, without all the hassle?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop is perfect for you.

About the workshop

In this interactive and engaging workshop, Adam will share with you the 5 keys to easily building a crystal-clear market identity (Brand) which enables you to:

  • create a laser focus on your ideal customer
  • stand out from your competition
  • confidently sell your product or service
  • save you time and money wasted on inefficient advertising
  • take your business easily to the next level
  • as a bonus…learn how to write and present a 60-seconds which captures the imagination; and converts more referrals and closed business!

Come away with some simple and actionable tools to radically change your business.

Who is Adam (he’s more than just that guy in Pink)

Adam Frampton, founder of Pink Bamboo Business Growth, is a master coach (personal and business), qualified accountant (almost 3 decades), serial entrepreneur, communication and culture specialist, lover of dad jokes, poker and curry.

Adam has experienced the highs and lows whilst running his own businesses, both in the UK and Australia.  He has worked with clients all over the world and in many industries/professions both large and small.

The work he does with his clients, helps them to get what they really want from their business; because the right advice, at the right time, from the right person has the power to change lives.

Pink Bamboo Business Growth, changing peoples lives, one business at a time…