What do you want more of?


(More Profit)

There is a belief that money, cash flow and profit are why we operate a business. It is, however, almost always what money brings us which is the motivating factor.

Money brings financial choice. Financial choice gives Freedom.

FREEDOM - Tip #1

1) Ensure your pricing is consistent with your market position. Inconsistent pricing causes confusion and lost sales, leading to lost profit. Your customers need clarity.


(Work-Life Balance)

One of the main reasons people start their own business is to live their ideal work-life balance.

It is alarming that business owners tend to have a poor balance of work and life, causing significant personal stress & anxiety.

BALANCE - Tip #1

1) Get very clear on where you ACTUALLY spend your time. Then prioritise what is TRULY important 'in the scheme of things'. Ask "does it move me towards my goal / vision?"


(Less Stress)

In a 2014 study, 25% of the population suffered from moderate to severe stress and 27% suffered from moderate to extremely severe depression!

Stress is most often caused by a belief that there is a lack of choice!

CHOICE - Tip #1

1) Understand exactly what you need to do next in your business, by creating a clear and concise strategic plan for the next twelve months. It must be based solidly on a clear Vision.

Where will your journey take you?

Where will your journey take you?