Are you...

  • anxious about your work-life balance?

  • stressed about money, profit & cash flow?

  • stuck or trapped inside your business?

  • struggling to grow the business the way YOU want?

  • clear what to do next and have a 12 month plan?

These are all common issues and questions smaller businesses owners face daily. So, what is the answer?

The Pink Bamboo life changing two day workshop - CREATE:Plan

Our two day CREATE:Plan workshop gives you the tools, skills and clarity to confidently create FREEDOM and CHOICE.

Also helping you to reclaim your work-life balance and to get exactly what YOU want from your business.

Growth is not always about revenue or profit, it is more often about lifestyle and balance. We focus on what YOU want so the output from the workshop fits your expectation, without stress and anxiety!

Whatever your choice, this workshop is ideal to build a clear plan for the next 12 months, towards that choice.

What will you gain from attending the CREATE:Plan workshop?

Attendees have shared some powerful insights from our workshops, including heightened understanding, awareness, clarity, choice, happiness and stability.

Attendees discover business AND personal techniques and frameworks to make different, more powerful, choices moving forwards.

Measurable outcomes:

  • Clear and specific vision and choice point
  • 12 month plan for your business
  • Identify what to do next and why
  • Discover and stop certain limiting behaviours
  • Learn how to manage 'energy' inside the business
  • Understand where businesses get stuck, why and what to do to get 'unstuck'
  • Network with likeminded business owners, building networks and connections
  • More accurately predict what will happen next (commercially and personally)
  • Learn how businesses grow, turning that to your advantage
  • Accelerate business growth
  • Define what growth means to you
  • Take home tools to support making powerful choices in the future

Who should sign up to the CREATE:Plan workshop?

We welcome, and work with, all sizes of business. However, these workshops are designed for small businesses and startups. Small businesses are classified as any business with a turnover/revenue less than $10 Million.

We limit attendance to this demographic, to ensure the conversations in the room 'relate' and there are synergies between the business owners.

  • Small business owners
  • Start ups
  • Pre-startup businesses
  • Family businesses
  • Businesses wanting to grow
  • Businesses who are stuck

Its for anyone who wants to fully understand, and apply, how to achieve Financial Freedom, Choice and Work-Life Balance.

How do we run our workshops?

We blend training and education, with creative workshopping techniques and interactive activities to ensure you get the most value possible from your investment.

The workshop runs with an accompanying workbook, which includes all of the tools and frameworks used during the sessions. They can then be used by you as you grow your business, over the following 12 months, in line with the plan which is created during the two days.

Our workshops are restricted to a maximum of 12 participants, this ensures the highest value to each participant and maximises the outcomes from your investment.

Your investment in this workshop

We understand that the investment of money is only a small part of the story. You also have to invest time and effort, which is why we set out the clear expectations (below) and hold the CREATE:Plan workshop on a Friday and Saturday, to minimise disruption to your business and home life.

When you consider the monetary, time and effort investment combined, it is still very small when compared to the massive return on that investment you will receive for many years to come.

To set some expectations:

  • Financial investment: Sunshine Coast, Adelaide, Regional - $795 (+ GST)
  • Financial Investment: Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne - $997 (+ GST)
  • Time investment: Two days (Friday and Saturday) at the workshop
  • Effort investment: Prework assignment (about an hour of preparatory work)
  • Feedback investment: Sharing key learnings in our online survey form

Note: we offer multi-ticket offers and discounts, more information is available at check out.

Logistics and refreshments

The workshop days start at 9am, although it is suggested you arrive early to get a coffee and become settled from your travel. Each day ends at approximately 5pm.

If you have requirements which mean you need to arrive late or depart early, please contact us to let us know in advance.

We have structured the days to include morning and afternoon coffee/tea breaks and a lunch break.

Included in your investment is tea, coffee, refreshments and a light lunch. If you have any specific dietary requirements we will do our best to accommodate them, please let us know in advance.

We encourage you to share learnings, reflections on social media during the workshop. All we ask is that you use the workshop hashtag (which will be provided during each workshop) and #PinkBambooBusinessGrowth.

Where we hold our workshops

We hold our workshops regularly on the Sunshine Coast, Gympie, Brisbane. We also run them in Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

We endeavour to hold workshops and events in locations which give the best opportunity to create a learning environment. We also try our best to arrange locations close to transport or with easy parking.

How to sign up

Please click the button below to go straight to our Events page.

We are always happy to answer any questions you may have prior to making your investment to join us for a workshop. Please email or call us on 07 5325 1539.

On a personal note:

I am really looking forward to the opportunity to share my tools, experience and business knowledge with you. I am also excited to create an interactive workshop environment for you to achieve Choice, Balance and Freedom; and to support you to achieve what you want from your business.

Warm regards

Adam Frampton