Pink Bamboo / IBN Workshop Series - "Make Business Easy (Financial)"

Make Business Easy

'How to build a business which gives you exactly what you want!'

  • Do you want more money, profit or a better cash flow?

  • Do you need a better work life balance?

  • Do you want to get back to doing what you love every day?

  • Have you lost your passion?

  • Is your business drifting, with no real plans?

  • Are you lost, stuck or stressed in your business/life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, this workshop series is perfect for you.

About the workshop SERIES

In this interactive and engaging workshop series, Adam will share with you plenty of tips, tricks, tools and models to truly give you the best opportunity to get exactly what you want from your business. The course includes:

  • making more money and profit

  • making money work FOR you

  • creating an ideal work life balance

  • using time far more efficiently

  • getting stuff done, stop procrastination

  • creating your vision and a plan to achieve that vision

  • building accountability into your plan

  • understanding the business journey and how to predict what will happen next

Come away from the series with a number of simple and actionable tools to radically change your business.

Giving you the Freedom you seek: Financial Freedom, Freedom of an Ideal Work Life Balance, Freedom to Live Your Passion.

Who is Adam (he’s more than just that guy in Pink)

Adam Frampton, founder of Pink Bamboo Business Growth, is a master coach (personal and business), qualified accountant (over 3 decades), serial entrepreneur, communication and culture specialist, lover of dad jokes, poker and curry.

Adam has experienced the highs and lows whilst running his own businesses, both in the UK and Australia.  He has worked with clients all over the world and in many industries/professions both large and small.

The work he does with his clients, helps them to get what they really want from their business; because the right advice, at the right time, from the right person has the power to change lives.

Pink Bamboo Business Growth, changing peoples lives, one business at a time…