Strength, flexibility and fast growth

Bamboo embodies fast growth.

Bamboo is strong and flexible, it is able to spring back after adversity, it is committed to continuous fast growth, it is adaptable and has an incredibly vast number of uses.

Strength and flexibility

Bamboo, as with most plants, starts life as a seed. If this seed, is nurtured, fed and given the correct environment to grow, will develop a strong root system. This process can take a number of years?

When it does suddenly burst forth from the ground it will grow quickly. Very quickly in fact! With the right foundations some species can grow up to 90cm in a single day!

Sustainable, accelerated growth

The nature of how bamboo is looked after in its early years (how the systems and environment are developed), dictate how it grows over the next cycle of its life. Persevering whilst it sits below the surface, apparently doing nothing, will result in a spectacular burst of sustainable, accelerated growth.

Then when the bamboo ‘culm’ gets to the end of its growth phase, it moves naturally into the next foundation stage, where it builds the strength to grow again. It takes time developing the strength to expand and grow its root systems yet again, readying and preparing itself by building the next platform (we call this a foundation) for growth.

Foundation plus environment = strength, flexibility and accelerated growth

The strength and flexibility of bamboo is unparalleled. During its critical early stages of life, before emerging from the ground, the correct environment and care ensures strength, flexibility and accelerated growth .

Confidence for the next stage of growth

Why Pink?

Pink embodies confidence.

The colour pink, in many belief systems, represents compassion, nurturing and courage.

Pink, in Pink Bamboo, is a combination of passion and courage, through which we challenge our clients and ourselves to BE more. It is also openness and empathy, through which we strive to understand our clients, to enable a deeper quality of interaction and a profound support system for them to make new choices.

Pink represents intuition, which is another skill we apply to all of our client relationships and to each other.

“Pink isnt just a colour, it’s an attitude” ~ Miley Cyrus

We strive never to judge others and we show compassion for our distinct uniqueness, as human beings. Pink was chosen by us to capture the essence of our value system and how we approach our work with our clients:

Clarity of purpose: one of our strengths

We build relationships based upon a solid foundation of openness and empathy.

We are abundant in our approach to life, sharing openly to enrich the lives of others and of ourselves.

We have fun, it is the life blood of who we are.

Our values are our cultural compass, they are our strength and are, when combined with our Purpose, that which helps us at Pink Bamboo Business Growth maintain a clear understanding of ‘why’ we do what we do.

Fun, Relationship and Abundance

The colour pink powerfully reflects strength, passion and vibrancy. In an ocean of blues and whites, it stands out from the crowd and, ultimately, seeks to inspire confidence.


Our Purpose

Business Purpose: To … help business owners rediscover their Confidence to Grow.

We do this by challenging businesses, owners and teams to create new systems and processes. Helping them to understand where they are on the ‘Journey’, clarifying their ‘Vision’ and creating a clear plan to achieve that vision. We also clearly define choice points and help them to understand fully what is goin on inside their business.

Personal Purpose: To … create a safe space for people to choose to BE more.

This we do by empowering people, challenging them and helping them redefine the choices they have. Giving them a confidence and strength to grow and develop as human beings. We help them establish their own beauty and purpose in life.

…sustainable solutions, rather than quick fix…

By applying the above qualities to our work, we at Pink Bamboo Business Growth are able to easily focus on our clients core issues, rather than applying a ‘band-aid’ to the symptoms for a ‘quick fix’.

By living the above qualities, we instill confidence in our clients to go beyond the norm and to develop new, strong, choices, giving them the Freedom and Choice they seek.

Ultimately to enable, in our clients, the Confidence to Grow.

Who are Pink Bamboo?

Pink Bamboo is a collective of Business Growth Specialists, we are entrepreneurial and have a proven track record of forming and growing businesses.