One of the most common questions we are asked is, "Why did you choose the name Pink Bamboo?"

Let's honour a great question with a great answer and break this down into two parts:

Why Bamboo?

Bamboo embodies growth.

Bamboo is strong and flexible, it is able to spring back following adversity, it is committed to continuous fast growth, it is adaptable and has an incredibly vast number of uses.

Foundation plus environment = strength, flexibility and accelerated growth
— Adam J Frampton
Bamboo Business Growth

The strength and flexibility of bamboo is unparalleled. During its critical early stages of life, before emerging from the ground, providing the correct foundation, environment and care ensures strength, flexibility and accelerated growth .

why pink?

Pink embodies confidence.

In business, in order to truly succeed you must be different to the competition, you need to be noticed. In a sea of corporate colour, Pink stands out, it is noticed. Discovery of meaning and purpose:

  • white - clarity
  • red - passion
  • pink - confidence
Pink isn’t just a colour, it’s an attitude.
— Miley Cyrus
Clarity Passion Confidence

Each colour represents how we challenge our clients and ourselves to BE more. We seek to understand our clients, enabling a deeper quality of interaction and support, to help them to make powerful new choices.

Our purpose, and ultimately what we support our clients to do, is to rediscover their 'Confidence to Grow'.

Our name is a direct reflection of our purpose...and we LOVE what we do?

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