We love people. We particularly love our clients and we love to hear what they think about us.


Kevin munro - Checklist IT

“His super power is his incredible personal-but-systems-based approach to figuring out who
you are, what you want to achieve, and how to get there - long before you do…”



“I have found Adam’s holistic approach to personal and business coaching highly
beneficial….I highly recommend Adam if you are looking for honesty, to be challenged and
supported to achieve your goals.”



“I had the immense fortune of working with Adam…it is his innate understanding of numbers, combined with his profound appreciation for organisational culture and individual performance which I regard the most. This combination is incredibly powerful, and having Adam working with my businesses and me personally, gives me confidence to grow at the pace I love - fast, and well supported.”


lindsy hunt -

Jarvis Hunt Consultancy

My first session with Adam was unbelievably productive! As a micro-business, I had reached the point where I needed to make some hard decisions, but wasn’t sure how to define my needs, or how to even make those decisions. Adam got me to see what I needed to see, to find the answers for myself, but also, how to break it down to actionable tasks. It gave me confidence to move forward, and I’m really excited moving into this next phase of growth. If you find yourself ‘stuck’, wondering what your next step should be, but not finding any answers…talk to Adam!


Adam has been our business coach for several months now. His skills as an active listener and facilitator are outstanding. He has guided our discussions about our business in such a way that we have found ourselves effectively resolving many issues without him “telling us what to do”.

Adam has supplied us with some models and examples that have enabled us to see our business in a different light and to find our own answers to hurdles that previously we had found difficult to overcome.

This has given us a confidence and optimism that after 21 years in business has been lacking.
Adam has a freshness and openness that enables him to look at a business, talk to the owners/partners, and gauge the position the business is at. He has given us a clear understanding of:
• Where our business is at right now.
• Where our working relationship/communication style is with each other.
• Solutions to hurdles we currently are experiencing.
All of which has enabled us to grow and move forward with a new optimism.